Larry Rutt

                                Airshow Announcing  LLC

                                           "The Voice of Experience"  Airshow Announcer             


Spectators will feel like they’re right in the cockpit because Larry has flown most of those maneuvers as an Intermediate competitor or judged them as a certified International Aerobatic Club Regional contest judge.


·       Licensed skydiver              46 years    TU-7s in the '60s, Square for POPS in '82, ready for >60

·       Airline pilot                       35 years    Boeing 707, 727, 747, 747-400, Airbus A300

·       USAF pilot                         25 years    C-121/EC-121 Super Constellation, C-130/EC-130 Hercules

·       Airshow announcer              35 years    See the Airshows page

·       ICAS member                     35 years    Convention Exhibitor 17 years

·       Aerobatic competitor          4 years    Sportsman and Intermediate, 8KCAB and Pitts S-2A

·  Aerobatic contest judge       4 years      International Aerobatic Club (IAC) Regional judge

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