Larry Rutt

                                Airshow Announcing  LLC

                                           "The Voice of Experience"  Airshow Announcer             


This page includes some actual language from Larry's contract but is bulleted here for easier reading.

Depending on distance from home, he arrives Thursday evening or Friday morning, and returns home on Monday.  He often drives his own car, saving you a rental.  


bulletLarry agrees to perform announcing, planning, emcee, and other duties (such as media interviews, sponsor and advertising liaison, etc.) for the airshow.
bulletYou agree to pay him $3,500 for a two-day show, or $2,500 for a one-day show, and provide a car and a single non-smoking room.  If he drives, forget the car.  You reimburse actual travel costs but not more than $500, anywhere in North America.
bulletYou pay a $500 retainer when you sign a contract and pay the balance on the last show day.  If you cancel, Larry keeps the retainer.